You read books, eh?

Published April 24, 1949

Published April 24, 1949

This political cartoon was published on April 24, 1949, which is around the time the Soviet Union tested their first atomic bomb. During this period, anti-Communist sentiment was extremely high, and people were frightened. As a result, McCarthy began to increase his “witch-hunt.” In doing so, nearly anything people did could be interpreted as un-American. This cartoon displays that thought. It shows McCarthy’s inquisitors in a History classroom interrogating the teacher. There is a giant map of Europe on the back wall, and one of the men is attempting to cut the U.S.S.R. out of it. Meanwhile, right next to the map is a picture of Thomas Jefferson, the man who wrote about freedom of speech for all Americans. Herbert Block is showing that Americans have the right to say what they want. He is also saying that McCarthyism is getting out of control.


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