It’s okay – We’re hunting Communists

Published October 31, 1947
Published October 31, 1947

Herbert Block had this cartoon published on October 31, 1947, and he was sending a clear message. The cartoon shows the Committee on Un-American Activities driving recklessly through the streets, obviously not bothering to care that they were running over people. Chaos is evident, with all papers flying all over, parking meters falling over, and general looks of terror on the faces of people. Block was trying to show that Joseph McCarthy’s committee was wreaking havoc on the American populace and would not stop for anything. This appears to be true, since it was around this time that McCarthy began to subpoena individuals in Hollywood (screenwriters, directors, actors, etc.). He was directly attacking American icons that were known all around the world. Some of the people accused of being a Communist included Charlie Chaplin, Arthur Miller, Langston Hughes, and Orson Welles.


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